Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Aberrant Necropolis

ellenrogers_piers-atkinson-look-book_300910_283 * *Warning - This post contains some nudity*
Ellen Rodgers collage1

Ellen Rodgers collage2
Ellen Rogers collage6

Ellen Rodgers collage5

Ellen Rodgers collage7  ellenrogers_charlotte_070312_1184
If you have been reading my blog for a while then you may recognise the work of Ellen Rogers.
Promoted by conversations on Twitter where her name has been cropping up again and again (mostly thanks to Katie and Polly), I thought it was about time I did another inspiration post starring her beautiful and ethereal imagery, she never fails to inspire me.

All these images have come from her website, and you can see my other posts on her here and here. Now I just need to start saving for her beautiful book.


  1. One of the girls in the photos is my friend Maxine she looks like a pixie not only there but in person too! Those photos are beautiful, I haven't seen the ones with the other girls before.
    I hope everything's alright, have a lovely rest of the week! xxx

  2. lovely indeed! thanks for sharing.

  3. "Warning: this post contains nudity" - well just try and stop me looking! This is a beautiful post and Ellen is a genius. She has a book? Oh joy ... I'll have to start saving too:) xo

  4. you have a beautiful blog. I have just found it . I am following you know. love lucyx

  5. What beautifully eerie photographs, and thanks for introducing me to Ellen's work, I'd not heard of her before. I love the ornate witchiness.

  6. Oh wow! I'd never heard of this dreamweaver before, thanks so much for sharing, I'll have to check her out. The colours and composition are wonderful, like the colours behind my eyes. Swooning! X

  7. She speaks my mind with her camera! So inspiring! =^..^= I hope you have a lovely week kitten! xxx


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