Monday, 10 April 2017

Thoughtful Flowers

"The essence of all beings is earth. The essence of the earth is water. The essence of water is plants. 
The essence of plants is the human being."
                                                     Chandogya Upanishad I 1.2 

Last night I went to watch 'An Audience with Chris Packham' my favourite New Forest nature man. I came away bursting with a heart full of passion, admiration and over flowing with new purpose and inspiration! 

Chris, the controversial king of integrity, a punk rocker with the kindest of hearts, smartest of brains and tenacious determination. 

He is a voice for nature, when it can't speak for itself.  

Feeling inspired I thought it was time to share something with you. More of a general ethos for me than anything else. Growing my business and setting a precedent. 

T H O U G H T F U L  F L O W E R S .

I was recently described as a 'mystic sherlock' and then coincidentally I recieved this lovely review from one of my brides, and it all fell into place. Thank you Natalie. 

" I throughly enjoyed working with Kelly-Marie, she is such a wonderfully kind and spirited person with a real natural creative flair. She really tries to understand what is in your head so she can take the brief and deliver it to the highest standard. " 

What resonated with me was the description of me as 'spirited and understanding' a way I have tried to be in everything I do. 

I work with flowers because I have an overwhelming love and passion for nature and I work with people because I have an unrelenting need to help them... I seek out the spirit of things.  

Sometimes the wedding and flower world does not seem like the right place for me at all. 

 I am a floral designer, I scrapped my creative job in London to move back to the country side and be where my soul belonged.  Styling with nature is a natural progression, but for a lady that thinks about everything so deeply it can't stop there. 

Floral design is now possibly one of the most fashionable professions you can aspire to have. Floral and wedding design is so beautiful, we all love it, the fashion industry loves it, social media loves is. 

Of course it is not true for all of the industry ( hello The Natural Wedding Company ) but the international cut flower industry, as it stands, is destoying the very nature that it is made up of.

The British and slow flower movement is abundant now and has made such a positive change to educate people, British flowers are readily available again and are inspiring others to get back in touch with their gardens, it's truly amazing, but we can't just stop there. We have to keep growing and moving forward. Fighting the good fight. 

 'Thoughtful Flowers' for me started when I was having a moment of despair and doubt, so I started by asking myself,  who are you and what is it you really want to do here?.... 

'Hi i'm Kelly-Marie, I'm a thoughtful 'mystic sherlock' floral designer with healing hands and a deep understanding of animals and the healing ways of plants... oh yeah and 
I have a design degree from Central Saint Martins, and a penchant for hoarding (selling) vintage. '

Quickly realising that despite their appearance these things do not need to be seperate, i just need to find away to combine it all together. 

I do not have to belong in an industry that is destroying the very thing that lead me to it in the first place. We can all choose to do things differently. 

Thoughtful Flowers is a general term and a simple way for me to describe what it is i'm doing, to remind me to dig deeper, be thoughtful.... What are the plants trying to teach us?

I'm a CREATIVE, thinking about the environment. I am HEALER thinking deeply about the needs of our planet.

Thoughtful flowers is a journey for me to get intimate with the plants. Combining my herbalism, floral design skills and a passion for finding the soul in  things. 

Bringing you thoughtful, healing, arrangements, using only seasonal british flowers and natural techniques. 

 Nature is our greatest teacher so let's give back! Join Chris and become the voice that it so desperately needs. 

I'll be regularly sharing my journey on here and Instagram, and I hope that it will help to inspire, teach and get you involved. Like I said it is a journey, I am teaching myself, learning as I go along and I would love to hear from you! Let's work together. 

If you're getting married, having an event or would even just like to collaborate then please do get in touch. 



The floral arrangement above is made up of flora from my garden and foraged foliage. 

Etsy Updates

Thank you for all your shop orders! Things are selling so fast (which is amazing) but I am having trouble keeping up with promoting the updates on here and Instagram

If you don't want to miss out on the new listings then just click on the shop link in my side bar or  here and then go and 'like' my shop directly on Etsy. 

That way you will be updated as soon as they're listed, instead of waiting for me to catch up...I'm swimming in a sea of flowers and weddings and social media has gone by the wayside.   

I'm aiming to list up four items a week so keep your eyes peeled. 
Happy Shopping! 

Monday, 20 March 2017


Narcissus the little star shaped flower of Spring. A cheery little plant with a delicious scent and a discretely dark message. 

The victorians described it's meaning as one of 'egotism' and 'self esteem'. 

We all know the tragedy of Narcissus and Echo. The fury of unrequited love leading to a bitter demise for Narcissus, wasting away with incessant love for himself. 
It is said that the Narcissus flower is his parting message to us. A subtle reminder to a modern culture of narcissists. 

When I first started researching the sybolism of the Narcissus flower my first thought of course went to social media, in particular Instagram.
With the new algorithm it seems that Instagram, once (in my opinion) the most humble of all the social media platforms, has now turned into yet another popularity contest. 

Struggling to be seen, using 'likes' as reassurance, living our lives through a screen. We are all guilty of this and we've all felt the anxiety that comes along with it.

When 'inspiration' turns to comparison, judgement, competiton and feelings of inadequacy.  Over sharing and thoughtless posting... What is it all really for? 

Social media is now so closely linked to depression and isolation that it has become a genuinely worrying epidemic of modern day society. 

Instagram for most people is about finding like minded people to share your interests, often leading to real life relationships.  The coming together of a collective consciousness that brings us hope in times of chaos and tragedy, reaching out and finding a market for our otherwise isolated and unusual business models, these are all positive attributes to a platform that has created an online community and sense of togetherness. 

I do think that the list of positives outway the negative aspects of social media but that doesn't stop the feelings of anxiety, unworthyness and comparison that come with a life online. 

If we are honest with ourselves a lot of what we're all doing online can be described as narcissistic behaviour, but I do believe that most of it comes from a place of low self esteem, not of genuine infatuation for ourselves! 

Our modern day version of narcissism is over sharing curated versions of our lives, perhaps lives we wished we were really, truly living. 
Over sharing ourselves, our bodies, our children, spreading ourselves so thin, that we loose our true identity in order to recieve instant gratification and outside acceptance. 
Worrying more about how the outside world perceives us, than actually staying true to our integrity and our own moral compass. 

So how do we go about getting the right balance?  
That's where the flowers come in!

In holistic healing 'Narcissus' or 'Jonquil' oil is used to help treat anxiety, frustration and to improve  self esteem! Used to help ground and bring people out of their own heads, into the present. 

 Dear sweet narcissus is teaching us is to come up out of our own heads!... All the way out, like when their cheery yellow faces first appear in early Spring! 

None of the answers are inside your screen. You might read this, or find something similar and decide to give it a go, but actually experiencing it will be the magic medicine needed to heal.  

It is absolutely no coincidence that our little star shaped flower has this ability. Nature has the subtle answers to it all! 
Giving us the message and the tools to heal the problem. 

You can never truly experience nature through your phone, taking a picture and looking at it later is not the same, neither is seeing it on your instagram feed! You're missing out on the magic, the whispers and the hidden messages you need to pay attention to.  

This is Narcissus's message to us. 

The only way to truly learn to love ourselves and to build our own self esteem is to fully engage with the life you're living. Sometimes it's not pretty but you need to look at it and be fully involved in order to make a change!

There is no reason why you can't make it as beautiful as the dreams you're creating inside that little square shaped grid, but you have to be FULLY engaged in it all...In real life.... #IRL

I'm sitting here writing this on my computer and later I will of course share it on Instagram, I am human and guilty of all of the above!

I am however safe in the knowledge that our little sweet smelling Narcissis flower has taught me a very valuable lesson.

We control the way we use social media, not the other way around! Balance is the key! 

"If you have a certain number of followers you're relevant. If you don't you're irrelevant. I just think it's nonsense. 

My response to people judging you on 'Likes' would be, 'Fuck that!' It's just bullshit. This notion that we are judged by clicks on buttons- we should resist that as a form of navigation.

There will always be people who recognise themselves as punk who recognise that technology is a tool not a lifestyle. 

All we can talk about is our devices. For the last decade society has been stoned on technology. If we're living through a screen, we're not doing anything. I thought a lot about the psychological effects of an office. People working eight, ten, twelve hours a day. Look up from that computer, look around you, and nothing has moved. Never in the history of the world have people worked ten hours and nothing moved!

At some point people will sit back and realise that this is a tool. And that real life-real life- is outside of it.
 I can accept it's a miracle that we're talking across an ocean, but fuck if i'm going to live in it. I wanna go outside, too!

 If you want to talk about real navigation, one should seek balance. If the right foot and left foot are out of whack then you go down." 

All floral design, props and photography by Kelly-Marie Burdekin

* Narcissus are toxic and not to be digested or taken internally. If you would like to use Narcissus oil for anxiety or grounding then simply dab some on the balls of your feet. *

Sunday, 15 May 2016


You're the train that crashed my heart. 
You're the glitter in the dark. 
~ Bat For Lashes

Thank you all so much for your very kind words on my last post

Monday, 2 May 2016


I think of lovers as trees, growing to and from one another. 
Searching for the same light. 
Why can't you see me? 
Why can't you see me? 

Everyone else can.

~ Beyonce Knowles / Warsan Shire

I went to Wales. I thought a lot about love. I thought a lot about trees and I thought a lot about the weather. I found a missing part of myself there.

I have learnt, like Rhiannon, to live my life like a bird, to be that woman taken by the wind. In order to truly be free you must face and speak your truth.  

Learning to be vulnerable, learning a new type of inner strength, putting my self deliberately into situations that make me feel exposed, but in turn set me free.

Last time I posted on this blog, I posted about love. It has been a long time and this is why. 

When storms pass, all that is left to do is to get chasing the rainbows! 

   For Storm Katie

Any ability to feel and see deeply is absolutely a blessing. A sense of knowing creates healing, you become a healer, but when it comes to love, being able to see straight through to the soul of things can find you dangerously drawn to the storms that lie within people.

Once you see light in amongst the rain clouds, it can manifest into tireless missions to create sunshine in their lives, brightly shining your light where it hurts, healing their pain, getting them to see their own silver linings.  

Once you have seen it, buried deep, even the tiniest rays, however fleeting can charm you.
The warmth, the shine you think only you can see, the mystery of why it's such a rarity, they are an enigma and you become transfixed! 

You start to enjoy the torrential down pours, you chase the thrill of their violent winds, all because you know that what follows is the calm. The beautiful clarity. 
Blue skies and any opportunity to have them light up and shine upon you. 

You end up purely living your life chasing and searching for those deep blue moments, the calm before and after their uncontrollable storms. 

You love them more than your need for protection. You love them more than you love yourself. 

When your intuition screams at you, you ignore it, you choose not to hear, because as they say love leaves you blind. 
Blinded by the light, however fleeting, you know it's there. It is buried underneath a life time of pain that you're convinced you can wash away. You want more than anything to set them free and you cling on so tightly to what you think you can see, to what you KNOW they can be. 

You get so deeply battered and damaged by the destruction their storms cause, but you make excuses. 
You take deeper roots, you build storm defences. 

You become your own pillar of strength, being strong means that you can withstand anything they throw at you, you can be there waiting, standing tall for when it eventually passes,
but you also know that deep down,
you are saturated and you are weathered!

It is only a matter of time and even the mightiest of Oaks must fall. 

One day a hurricane is sent for you ,one that it is too powerful to ignore. Blown apart, it rips you from your roots, you tumble and you split open. You are left with no choice but to look up, 
To face your truth. 
It is sent for you and you wake! 

 True strength lies always in being vulnerable, allowing yourself to be wrong, to learn your lessons. 
You learn that storms are not meant for getting lost in, you must always choose to ride them out. 
They must pass!  

If they don't, then you learn to let go of the things that are not meant for you, you let the wind take them. 

You can't and never will be able to control the weather! 

Picture taken at Farrs Meadow

Sooner or later you are going to find that place you have been looking for 
and it will pour there
and you will run beneath the rain and stretch your arms there, 
You will welcome the storm and you will feel all the things that stir inside you. 
You will be happy there. 
You will be free and you will find the inspiration to 
love again. 

~ r.m drake. 

Sunday, 7 February 2016

It's Only Magic

but dear,
don't be afraid of love,
it's only magic. 
~r.m drake 

Love is the strongest form of magic! You don't need a lover to LOVE. 
   Start with yourself. 
Then love EVERYONE a little harder .  

The ingredients to the 'love charms' in this post are all listed below. 

All the flowers and foliage in this post are British, seasonal and foraged locally by me. 


Make an order from my Etsy shop before Valentines day and recieve a little herby nosegay wrapped in velvet ribbon as a token of love and appreciation from me to you. 

Click on the link at the bottom of this page to visit my Etsy shop. 

There is FREE UK SHIPPING on all orders. 

I V Y ~ 

Often with heart shaped leaves, Ivy is a symbol of binding. It can not live with out something to cling on to and to grow with. Always growing through adversity. 

Ivy binds us together. 

B A Y  L A U R E L  ~

Traditionally lovers would place a bay laurel leaf under each others pillows on valentines day and that night dream of love. 
If they dreamt of each other it was said that they would be married within the year. 
Bay is a very powerful manifesting tool. 

R O S E M A R Y  ~ 

Symbolising a constancy in love. 
Traditonally presented at weddings by bridesmaids to the groom bound with ribbon as a token of true love and loyalty. 

L A V E N D E R ~ 

Given by many a lover to impress and attact with lavender's beautiful colour and aroma. 

Charles II would take sachets of dried lavender tied up wth ribbon to his secret meetings with his mistress Nell Gwyn. 

T H E  H E L L E B O R E ~ 

Helebore's don't actually have any association with love, but in the language of flowers they mean to 'Relieve my anxiety', I thought that was a fitting one for anyone who dreads valentines day because of what it symbolises. 
Think like the Hellebore, standing tall with beauty and grace through the toughest of winters, bringing hope of Spring and better times ahead. 

Warning: Hellebores are very poisonous! Make sure you wash your hands throughly and do not combine with herbs that you intend to keep and use afterwards! 



Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Wimborne Minster and Living Soulfully.

Wimborne Minster, where the town cryer is also the resident reggae dj, pumpkin festivals are taken deadly serious and where morris dancers have their annual meet up at our local pub, aptly named 'The Green Man'. 

It's like living in a real life Stars Hollow!

Wimborne is a town where old traditions sit side by side with entrepreneurial independant businesses and sustainability and creativity is key. 

When Pixie asked me what I love about where I live, I didn't have to look very far for my answer. 
Walking past a Romany Gypsy family selling wreaths outside their wagon, surrounded by families embracing their return every year!

Community spirit is what makes this town so very special, whether that be in the form of the Maypole going up without fail every May day, the annual literay fetsival, or all of the volunteers who give up their time to make sure our beautiful Art Deco theatre stays open every single night!

Wimborne is a perfect example of what #livingsoulfully stands for. 

Visit the Pixie website or dowload their app to explore towns and independant businesses with soul. 

Don't forget to share with the hash tag #livingsoulfully.

Alice Lodge is the cottage of my dreams situated at the gates of Gaunts House. 

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