Monday, 21 December 2015

The Turning Of The Wheel

 Yule  = Wheel 

The Winter solstice is traditionally time for 'the turning of the wheel'
The wheel of cycles and the wheel of life. 

This year Dec 21st will be our darkest day and the longest night, with it the 22nd marks the returning of the sun, there will now be an increase in the amount of daylight we have, sparking off the return of the growing seasons.

It is the perfect time to embrace the darkness and go inwards to find the parts of us we need to let go and the parts of us we need to nurture and grow. 

All of the ingredients in this post represent just that, I hope it will inspire you to go out and forage for some of your own yule time magic. 

  • Holly:  A Protector plant- reminding us to look inwards at this time and reflect
  •    Ivy: Representing growing through adveristy and Binding us together 
  • Pine: Representing strength, fire and longevity
  • Yew: Representing transformation and rebirth
  • Mistletoe: The sacred plant of the druids- healer, protector, representing fertility and the giving of life... Also great for kissing!

Our Christmas tree is always toadstool and reindeer themed so I was delighted to find this article (thanks to Karen) all about 'Mother Christmas' and what the Reindeer and Amanita Mascaria symbolise at this time of year

Sorry Rudolf! 

The wreath you see in this post was made at a Sensory Solutions wreath making workshop held at Deans Court. Go and have a read about what they do, they are very special ladies changing the face of how we medicate and heal ourselves. 
I spent the day with some gorgeous like minded ladies, really getting to know the plants, learning all about their medicinal and healing properties, drinking homemade Chai tea, singing carols and listening to gorgeous Fi's endless wisdom. It was very special day and I came away feeling so inspired. 

Winter Solstice blessings and a very Happy Christmas to you all. 

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