Monday, 10 April 2017

Thoughtful Flowers

"The essence of all beings is earth. The essence of the earth is water. The essence of water is plants. 
The essence of plants is the human being."
                                                     Chandogya Upanishad I 1.2 

Last night I went to watch 'An Audience with Chris Packham' my favourite New Forest nature man. I came away bursting with a heart full of passion, admiration and over flowing with new purpose and inspiration! 

Chris, the controversial king of integrity, a punk rocker with the kindest of hearts, smartest of brains and tenacious determination. 

He is a voice for nature, when it can't speak for itself.  

Feeling inspired I thought it was time to share something with you. More of a general ethos for me than anything else. Growing my business and setting a precedent. 

T H O U G H T F U L  F L O W E R S .

I was recently described as a 'mystic sherlock' and then coincidentally I recieved this lovely review from one of my brides, and it all fell into place. Thank you Natalie. 

" I throughly enjoyed working with Kelly-Marie, she is such a wonderfully kind and spirited person with a real natural creative flair. She really tries to understand what is in your head so she can take the brief and deliver it to the highest standard. " 

What resonated with me was the description of me as 'spirited and understanding' a way I have tried to be in everything I do. 

I work with flowers because I have an overwhelming love and passion for nature and I work with people because I have an unrelenting need to help them... I seek out the spirit of things.  

Sometimes the wedding and flower world does not seem like the right place for me at all. 

 I am a floral designer, I scrapped my creative job in London to move back to the country side and be where my soul belonged.  Styling with nature is a natural progression, but for a lady that thinks about everything so deeply it can't stop there. 

Floral design is now possibly one of the most fashionable professions you can aspire to have. Floral and wedding design is so beautiful, we all love it, the fashion industry loves it, social media loves is. 

Of course it is not true for all of the industry ( hello The Natural Wedding Company ) but the international cut flower industry, as it stands, is destoying the very nature that it is made up of.

The British and slow flower movement is abundant now and has made such a positive change to educate people, British flowers are readily available again and are inspiring others to get back in touch with their gardens, it's truly amazing, but we can't just stop there. We have to keep growing and moving forward. Fighting the good fight. 

 'Thoughtful Flowers' for me started when I was having a moment of despair and doubt, so I started by asking myself,  who are you and what is it you really want to do here?.... 

'Hi i'm Kelly-Marie, I'm a thoughtful 'mystic sherlock' floral designer with healing hands and a deep understanding of animals and the healing ways of plants... oh yeah and 
I have a design degree from Central Saint Martins, and a penchant for hoarding (selling) vintage. '

Quickly realising that despite their appearance these things do not need to be seperate, i just need to find away to combine it all together. 

I do not have to belong in an industry that is destroying the very thing that lead me to it in the first place. We can all choose to do things differently. 

Thoughtful Flowers is a general term and a simple way for me to describe what it is i'm doing, to remind me to dig deeper, be thoughtful.... What are the plants trying to teach us?

I'm a CREATIVE, thinking about the environment. I am HEALER thinking deeply about the needs of our planet.

Thoughtful flowers is a journey for me to get intimate with the plants. Combining my herbalism, floral design skills and a passion for finding the soul in  things. 

Bringing you thoughtful, healing, arrangements, using only seasonal british flowers and natural techniques. 

 Nature is our greatest teacher so let's give back! Join Chris and become the voice that it so desperately needs. 

I'll be regularly sharing my journey on here and Instagram, and I hope that it will help to inspire, teach and get you involved. Like I said it is a journey, I am teaching myself, learning as I go along and I would love to hear from you! Let's work together. 

If you're getting married, having an event or would even just like to collaborate then please do get in touch. 



The floral arrangement above is made up of flora from my garden and foraged foliage. 

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