Sunday, 1 April 2012

Some day when Spring is here...

Hampstead Heath8

Hampstead Heath1

Hampstead Heath3

Hampstead Heath5

Hampstead Heath16

Hampstead Heath21
Hampstead Heath13

Hampstead Heath7

Hampstead Heath6

Hampstead Heath2
Hampstead Heath23
Hampstead Heath12

Hampstead Heath15

This weather is making me feel like this...

We have been making the most of it lazing around Hampstead Heath. I really wanted to swim in the ponds but I wasn't brave enough, I might give it a few more months to heat up the water.

I just love Spring so much, I wish I could collect all the blossom and put it in my pocket, save it for later. I get really over excited and want to photograph every single blossom tree I see just in case next time I pass it has all gone.

Expect a blossom post coming soon. :)

I am wearing:

Edwardian Boater Hat: Ebay
Edwardian Shawl: Port De Clignancourt
Brown 1940's dress: Beyond Retro
Brown Edwardian style boots: Beyond Retro
Art Deco looking glass: Gift
1930's Sunglasses: Top Tottie Vintage

Craig is wearing:

1940's Suede jacket: Beyond Retro
Sunglasses Wayfarer 2's : Raybans
Striped T Shirt: Beyond Retro
Jeans: Topman

All pictures taken by Craig and myself.

Apologies yet again if you have noticed a lack of commenting on my part (on both my blog and your blogs), that will all change this week.
Lifes ups and downs have thrown a big downer my way and I blame this seemingly never ending Mercury Retrograde.

Anyway, I can only stay positive and all this Spring time weather is most definitely helping.

Looking forward to catching up with you all.

Until then.
Much Love
Kelly-Marie xx


  1. Aw Kelly-Marie, I hope you have more ups than downs this week! I have to say I've had a lot of ups and downs myself this past week (job stuff, I'll explain in my next post) I hope whatever has you feeling down gets sorted out soon. Glad to see you're enjoying the nice weather, can't believe how hot it's been! Your shawl is gorgeous, I love all the tassels at the back! Also is that a Bret Easton Ellis book I see Craig reading?? That's reminded me that I really need to finish The Rules of Attraction!

    Anyway, hope you had a great weekend,

    Emma xx

    1. Hey Emma
      Yeah he's reading American psycho and totally loving it. Thanks for your kind words. Hope things at work pick up for you too. The weathers too lovely to stay sad for long. xx

  2. Absolutely stunning! Such beautiful shots and clothes. Spring has finally sprung! xxx

  3. wonderful!!! I need ice cream now. :P

  4. Your cape is absolutely beautiful

    Harriett x

    1. Thanks Harriett, I knew you of all people would appreciate it. :) xx

  5. Sorry to hear that you've been down, but glad to see you've had the chance to go frolicking on the heath. Your comment about going mad photographing blossoms made me smile because I'm exactly the same... all flowers, in fact, because it excites me every time a new type emerges - daffodils, blossoms, tulips... I go to the park with my boy in the spring and summer time and he just takes a seat while I run around photographing all the colours! But then he goes mad photographing waterfowl so, you know, it all balances out!

  6. Lovely photos, especially like the first one :) x

  7. Gorgeous photos. I absolutely love your sunglasses!
    -Andi x

    1. Thanks Andi, I have been looking for a pair for so long. I'm totally in love with them and so paranoid about losing them. x

  8. what a beautiful post! You look so lovely (major hair envy!)
    I'm really sorry to hear you've been having a lousy time, I hope things are on the up!
    Looking forward to the blossom post (I've been dabbling in this myself this week!)

    Love x x

    1. Thanks darling Kerry, I have just seen you Blossom post. SO BEAUTIFUL! xxxx

  9. Beautiful photos with great compositions. ♥

  10. such a romantic scene! I love your edwardian shawl and the styling in general. you're beautifulLLLL!

    1. Aww thank you Mary **blushing** :) xx

  11. Love your beautiful photos an dgorgeous shawl. M x

  12. Swoon Kelly you are perfection my dear, do beautiful swans follow you around?! That shawl those glasses, them boots, please can I come live amongst your belongings? k thanks bubye hah xxx

    1. ha ha Hannah I wish they did! :) Yes you most definitely can, I think we would have so much fun. :) xx

  13. Dear Kelly-Marie,
    Seems as if you've had a really wonderful time out in the park with Craig. You both look so happy and content. Love the boater hat and that bag in the background. Hugs from Germany!

    1. Thank you Miss Maple, hugs back to you from England xx

  14. Oh I love you and your posts! You guys look like you have been doing exactly what we have been doing, stealing every second of the sun! I am glad we did, as it snowed here today! LIKE MAD too! It was hail and all sorts! nasty walk home it was, for certain! :( I hope it is still sunny in London though and your life has been full of goodness not downers! Your sunglasses are so yummy, I adore the shawl and that bag is just like my dream bag I will one day own!!! :) haha! Take care wee swan Zoë xxx

    1. Zoe I can't believe it is snowing where you are. The weather is so crazy. It was raining here yesterday but no snow. It just shows that we have to make the sun when it's out and about.
      Ha ha I know that bag is one of my prised possesions, I have a matching one that is made out of more of a canvas material. I found them both together in a charity shop. If I ever sell it, it is yours my darling. xxx

  15. Lovely summer pictures. Blossom: 'the very word is like a bell.' Hampstead and Highgate are my favourite London haunts, and that of numerous poets and artists. Just take the Heath for example, it has inspired the quills and brushes of Constable, Keats, Coleridge, Plath, Betjeman, me (I wrote my poem 'Where's Parnassus Hill?' upon't).

    Still a bit too nippy to swim in the ponds I think.


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