Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Those that have wings

butterflies Liebig S576 - Children in Insect Costumes #4
Liebig S576 - Children in Insect Costumes #2

Liebig cards from Cigcardpix's photo stream.

Liebig cards are my new obsession. I am a vegetarian and I find it a little confusing that all this stunning art work has come from a beef extract product, but they are all just so beautiful. Ever since I found Cigcardpix's photostream I have spending way to long going through them all.

I'll probably do a couple more inspiration posts on them as I find them so inspiring and there are many different catagories.

I hope you enjoyed these winged creatures. I'll be bringing you a Jubilee related post next.
Hope you are all enjoying the celebrations.
Much love Kelly-Marie xx


  1. Dear Kelly-Marie, I'm completely over the moon with your found Liebig cards. I've never heard that there were such nice cards and particularly that there were collectible cards almost from 1872 on. I know that there were cigarette cards with photos from movie stars but I think they're from the 1930s and 1940s. I own a book with a collection of such cigarette cards. Maybe you wanna have a loook at them. You'll find them here:
    You made me happy with that information, the pictures and the links. Thanks a lot!

  2. These cards are so beautiful! Having believed in faeries all my life seeing anything to do with these winged creatures makes me happy!


    1. Me too Eleanor, everytime im in the New Forest I make sure to keep my eyes peeled for Fairy rings. :) Nice to know i'm not the only one. xx

  3. What a wonderful commercials.It's sad that you can't find anything like that in nowadays.

  4. Once again, another beautiful blog post. Oh I love these images of winged creatures. Much of my day is spent watching birds. I am like Eleanor Kay, I have always believed in faeries, too. I can remember when it was time for the tooth fairy to visit me, I would make sure my bedroom was straightend up, I did't wait the faery to see my room in a mess. Thank you, Kelly-Marie, and also for your visit and special comment on my blog.

    1. Cindy you are so welcome, you are a very talented lady. I am in love with birds ( and fairys). We have a very overgrown garden and our kitchen over looks it. When I work from home I try to spend as much time watching the birds. I have been fascinated by them since I was a little girl. they make me so happy.
      That's such a lovely story about your bedroom. I don't think they would have minded a little mess. x

  5. :) Sweet! Animals and Animals inspired in art are my biggest interests! I adore these! I love how you are a vegy! Could our brains and tastes be more similar?! It means if we ever meet we can go somewhere that sells vegan food and you won't think we are a hassle! woooo! :D haha! Have an amazing weekend Quail! xxx

  6. I adore vintage cards. Even though butterflies absolutely terrify me (yes, true, I'm a disgrace but I hate them), I loved these!

  7. Oh I am totally in love with these, they are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing:) x


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