Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A Rosy Ocean, Vast and Bright

Dark eyes darting2
They look'd up to the sky, whose floating glow
Spread like a rosy ocean, vast and bright;
They gazed upon the glittering sea below,

Dark eyes dancing7
Whence the broad moon rose circling into sight;
They heard the waves splash, and the wind so low,
 Dark eyes darting1  
And saw each other's dark eyes darting light
Into each other- and beholding this,
 dark eyes darting5
Their lips drew near, and clung into a kiss.
Dark eyes darting10
(Don Juan) Lord Byron

Photo's taken by Craig at the Boatswain shell grotto

Positivity has always been in my nature, but as I have grown older I have realised just how important it is to work hard at it, visualising your goals and to keep believing.
It makes you happy and takes you closer to your dreams.

Over the last few months I have been going through some personal issues that have been so sad and life changing that staying positive has been hard. Staying postive for the others around me that need it more, has been harder still. I feel tired and sometimes only half a person.

I love to help people, I am the person that people come to when they want to talk things over and need someone to just be there, I love being that person.

 When I am down I disappear, become a hermit. Reluctantly share my thoughts and sorrow with others, even the ones closest to me and for this I am sorry.

I guess that is why I am sharing this with you now.
What all this has taught me is how much my inner positivity has persisted, I have soldiered on. My inner strength and 'sunshine', that positivity that is buried deep within me, has lead me onwards and upwards.

In this time I made some of my dreams have come true.
Some of which I can share with you soon enough.

Perhaps it is the Universe telling me that everything is going to be okay.


In these pictures I am wearing a headdress that I made, it has been inspired by shell grotto's amongst other things. It is made from entirely recycled and vintage materials.

I have deliberatly not taken any close up shots of it and I'm not going to go into too much detail about it now, i'msaving it for a future post I have planned.
 Over the last few years my life has taken me on a path away from my roots of making accessories. I just havent had the time, which has made me utterly sad.
So I made some time.
I have also been making time to get my shop up and running again, another thing that makes me so happy. I hope it will make you happy too.
Watch this space.



  1. Time is relative - "That's why it's called Father Time". It has to be made. In Time:

    Woman creates so that she may destroy
    Beauty's arch-rival: time - Subdued into a diorama of death

    1. That's lovely and so true, thank you Rehan. x

  2. I'm stunned at the beautiful headpiece with the sequin top, you're magical:)). And I hope the magic you bring to other people's lives can work its charm on getting you feeling your best once more:). Big hugs xxoo

  3. Oh hello there beautiful, you look mesmerising. Sorry to hear you have had troubling times of late, but it seems you have come out on the other side. It can be hard to stay positive when your dreams slip away from you (I know this for a fact studying for four years then having take a soul destroying office job). So I am very happy to hear you are pursuing yours, and please get making some accessories so I can buy one instead of practical stuff, like petrol for my car. Have a magical week petal xxxx P.S The jacket and shawl are gorgeous! You need to do a closet post xxx

  4. I hope you can stay strong, whatever life is throwing at you. It sounds as if you're doing a good job of it.

    And the headdress is beautiful!

  5. Another set of wonderful photo's, the headress is lovely I really can't believe you made it!!

    Its so sad to hear you have had a bit of a horrid time of it. It's sounds like you are a really great friend which is something that I really admire. Your posts are always little rays of sunshine for me so thank you :).

    All the best


  6. Beautiful as always! I love your headdress!
    I also like to be the person who help my friends but sometimes we need someone to be there for us too. I believe even though sometimes it's hard to keep going, thinks end up falling in to place and everything gets sorted. Not magically, we have to put some effort, but it's always worth. Chin up cause you're amazing and I'm sure you'll be successful on reaching your goals! xxx

  7. You've got a trooper inside and magic in your fingers...I simply love the headdress! Us birds really did fly from the same nest, didn't we? I always believe that when things are down they're gonna get real juicy real soon...seems like you're nearing it, woman! Can't wait to see what's in store xx

  8. I feel like I was reading about myself here Kelly-Marie! I think we are quite similar in how we deal with things and how they affect us. I am so sorry that you have been troubled recently and all I can do is encourage you to let the positivity win because it would be a crying shame for someone with such a beautiful spirit to have that taken over with sadness or emptiness. I really hope you are feeling better and that making time to re-discover your love of making things is therapeutic for you. My thoughts are with you, just know you're not alone in feeling this way, no matter what the cause is.

    On a lighter note, you look so beautiful here, I love how your outfit mirrors your location! The sequins and beading on your jacket(?) are absolutely amazing! I am very excited to see your work in more detail, you definitely have a gift!

    Emma x

  9. I've also had an incredibly difficult few months, I can only reassure you that things DO get better.I think it's hard these days particularly as we have many friends(through twitter,facebook,work etc) who we know quite well but don't feel we know well enough to burden with our problems- and fewer people we spend enough time with to feel close enough to confide in. Thinking of you-you look beautiful in these pics and I love the headdress-you're super talented and have impeccable taste!xxx

  10. Sending you many virtual hugs, beautiful lady xxx

  11. Such a lovely headdress. You're so creative when you are inspired by the shell grotto to make a really gorgeous headdress.

  12. Honey, I'm so sorry to hear that you have had some recent sadness in your life. You sent such lovely words to me when I experienced a loss recently and I really, really appreciated that. If you need to talk you know where I am.
    Your headress is beautiful. Look forward to seeing some more creativity. M xx

  13. Thank you all for your lovely words and encouragement, I so very lucky to have such lovely people to talk to via my blog. Every comment really means so much to me, thank you xxx

  14. Sweet dear, I'm very sorry that you've been enduring a period with more grey clouds than clear skies, and hope that in putting a few of your thoughts on the matter down on (virtual) paper helped provide you a small bit of much needed catharsis for you.

    I've always been more a listener than a talker (don't let the length of my blog posts fool you, in person I'm shy and quiet as a field mouse), and am here if you ever need a shoulder or ear.

    ♥ Jessica


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