Sunday, 5 August 2012

Work: Buskers


Buskers02 Buskers03 Buskers04 Buskers05

Photography: Krisofj Von Strass
Styling: Grace Joel
Prop Styling: Kelly-Marie Burdekin
Make up: Pace Chen
Hair: Tina Pachta
Assistant: James Dwyer

Models: Hannah and Isabelle at Storm

If you would like to see more of Kristofj's work visit his blog here.

The fashion film below is his most recent work that has just been published on Used magazine.

I think it is just magnificant.

After Hours

Photography: Kristofj Von Strass 
Styling: Coline Bach
Model: Lili at storm
Make up: Yuki Hirata
Hair Stylist: Akiko Kawasaki
Photography assistant: Sarah Haselwood
Music: Hili Enda

I feel very lucky to work with such talented people.


  1. AMAZINKKK! Every image is so beautiful, definitley enhanced by those props, lady! And that video is soooo juicy, love it xx

  2. Divine, love the accordion/suitcase shot especially. You are indeed a talented lucky gal. xxx

  3. How tremendously chic, elegant, stunning! I especially love the 1940s vibe of the gal holding the small accordion. Resplendently marvelous work, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Those photos are incredible! Kristofj is a talented man! I love the theme of Buskers and how the lovely props :) enhance the theme with the instruments and "living statues" . I work on one of the busiest/most touristy streets in dublin so seeing busker and street performers every day I appreciate the theme! The models hair in the fourth photo is amazing! I loved the film too, the styling was perfect, thank you for sharing this work with us Kelly-Marie, you certainly are lucky to work with such talented people (yourself included)! I can imagine it must be very inspiring!

    Emma x

  5. I think James Dwyer may just be the boyfriend of one of my work colleagues!! Does he have an afro and wear ties and blazers?

    The shoot is so cool! Well done you xxx

    1. Thank you Dulcie. Ha ha no this James is kristofj's boyfriend but he has been known to wear a blazer. I'll have to tell him about his name twin, he'll be into the afro and tie thing. :-) xx

  6. Stunning! Every photo. What brilliant work- love the ukulele especially! Xx

    1. Thank you darling! The uke was Kristofj's, I still need to hear you play. xxx

  7. Wonderful pictures, wonderful concept. You ARE very lucky to work with such talented people - and I'm sure they think the same about you too x


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