Sunday, 2 December 2012

True Hope Is Swift

 Haremofpeaocks- Kitchen11
'True hope is swift and flies with Swallow's wings' William Shakespeare
Haremofpeaocks- Kitchen4
 Haremofpeaocks- Kitchen13 
Haremofpeaocks- Kitchen128193922670_1976439994_b Haremofpeaocks- Kitchen5 Haremofpeaocks- Kitchen3 Haremofpeaocks- Kitchen7
Haremofpeaocks- Kitchen14

All photo's by Craig

Glimpses of something that once was. 

My swallows and I are awaiting our departure. We are heading for pastures new. 

 This, I hope, will explain my lack of commenting and reading of your own lovely blogs. Please bear with me.  

As you may have guessed this is/was our dining room. The lovely people at The Vintage Fair have featured our house on their blog this week, go have a read here.
 It includes a sneak preview of our living room which I will also be posting about next week. 

These images are now only memories but the best thing about moving is that you get to start all over again.

Much love
Kelly-Marie xx


  1. Lots of luck with the moving, I'm sure you're new home will be just as beautiful! xxx

  2. Gaaaah, your home looks absolutely beautiful! I love all the little animals and beautiful ornaments you have, my Mum has loads of those little ladies in dresses! xo

  3. Good luck with the move sweetpea! Aww for christmas too! :) And the new year! New starts! :) Take care kitten! xxx

  4. Good luck with the house move, I'm sure you'll make your new place even more gorgeous!


  5. Such a beautiful home! Good luck with the move, I cant wait to see glimpses of the new place :) xxxx

  6. So many swoony details,and how appropriate, as swoony goes well with swooping swallows...I didn't think we had swallows in NZ, but have seen one cheeky fellow two afternoons ina riow, so clearly we do.
    Indeed, the starting over again with decorating is a wonderful plus to moving.Hope it goes smoothly for you.

  7. i adore those plates! they are so cute. i also love the ice skates!

    lindsey louise

  8. gosh, your home looks just too lovely
    Im in awe of those ice skates especially

  9. I've been keeping an eye on your wonderful yard sale. I wish I were in London to get a few of those off your hands, you have such lovely items in your house! Good luck with the moving, can't wait to see a few details of the new place. (Did you quit Beyond Retro?)

  10. So much loveliness here! I am sure your new place will be even more fabulous. Good luck with the move - look forward to seeing photos when you're all settled in your new home xo

  11. I'm sure your new home will look even more amazing (if that's possible?) Good luck with the move, and I can't wait to see what you do with the place :)

  12. Wauw! That´s what I have to say about your blog and lifestyle. I´ve discovered you on the Moon to Moon blog and I absolutely love you!
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