Saturday, 12 May 2012

Presents in the post


I have received some beautiful post recently and I wanted to share it with you. The above wax flower crown you might recognise from my last post.

It was a bargain Ebay find, I got it cheap because the seller had only uploaded one picture and the description was very brief. It was photographed along side the picture of the bride but did not say that it was part of the auction, I was hoping it would be. 

When it arrived not only did it come with the picture it also was accompanied by the matching veil and this stunning box too! I am so happy to know that I own a small selection of this ladies special day, exactly how she wanted it stored all these years.

Aimée and I have been discussing how hard it is to get these wax flower crowns cheap. I guess they are especially sort after with the rising popularity of vintage themed weddings. If the finishing auction goes for a lot of money I always like to imagine it has gone to the home of an actual bride. They must have a lot more money than me to spend for their special day, and it makes loosing out a little easier.

Sadly the veil has seen better days as it's disintegrating. I'm going to save the corner lace and work into something.
Now on to my next postie present which came in the form of a surprise from the lovely lady Rebekah of Forgotten Stitches.
This parcel literally made my week. So kind and thoughtful. The postcard is even April themed which is when it arrived. I have never gone fishing before but I like to think that if I did, I would look like this. ;)
A beautiful 1930's hair slide that I haven't stopped wearing since it arrived. 
One of Rebekah's stunning Peach poppies, to add to my beloved Red ones. 
... and this beauty. Now all I want to do is get married. Sigh.

Rebekah I can't thank you enough for your beautiful parcel, it made me so happy and you are too kind.
Keep on the look out for Mr Postman as I'm in the process of packing up your gift from me. 

If you all haven't done so already go and have a look at The Forgotten Stitches shop and blog. Also check out Rebekah's Pinterest, I spend way too many hours looking at all her lovely inspiration and re-pinning. 

Hope you are all having wonderful weekends. I don't know about anywhere else but London has had some sun! Fingers crossed it is the return of our Spring. 

Kelly-Marie xx


  1. Oh wow this is gorgeous, how wonderful the veil and photo came along with it. And that poppy clip is adorable! I have been after wax flowers too, I always get out bid darn it. Yes we had a lil bit of sun today, hope you have a marvellous weekend beautiful xxx

  2. What a lovely gift Kelly-Marie! It's so nice to get presents in the post! and what a find the wax crown was, it's so great that you got the photograph with it, it's so strange to think how old it is and that's it's been so well looked after all these years, it's definitely something to cherish!

    Hope you're having a nice weekend!

    Emma x

  3. What beautiful treasures you have found and what a lovely gift! It is gorgeous here too, enjoying the sunshine thoroughly! xx

  4. How wonderful to have the original photo with your beautiful crown. I wonder who she was. And what gorgeousness in your other special parcel. Lucky you! Hope you're having a great weekend. We have just got back late from the coast after making the most of every last drop of sunshine. M x

  5. Oh my! What nice presents! The wax flower crown is so marvellous and special. You did a great purchase. Have a nice Sunday!

  6. So sweet! I love the crown and photograph! And in that box! So special! Glad it is in your safe and deserving hands now! :) So nice to get wee treasures like that! :) And what a sweet package with the hair clip and poppy! I find it hard looking at bridal things too! I am impatient! :) Glad you are getting sun! Today has just been drizzle here! We did a car boot sale and had to get up at first light UGH KNACKERED! :) Early to bed the little one said! :) Zoë xxx

  7. Aww, you're more then welcome Miss Kelly-Marie, I'm so pleased you're enjoying them all! Your wax flower crown is most most stunning, it's made me very inspired to try out some wax flower making for myself..perhaps next week I should think! Thank you so much for the lovely words... it's lovely to spread the love. I used to work at Super Lovers and now tend to use the word love more then one would think! ho hums. Good weekend all in all, sorting out sea shells for a few projects in mind. Ahh, you're too sweet, I too shall look forward to the postman's visit x x

  8. Oh my goodness you lucky gal! I adore these vintage wax flower crowns and own a few myself... so looovely!

    Enjoy it!

    A | V // vintage blog


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