Sunday, 13 January 2013


Prom collage
2013 is the year that I become less of a hoarder! To celebrate this I am selling off a big chunk of my Vintage collection. 
Seeing as the Love day is fast approaching us, I decided the first pieces listed should be Valentines themed.
Capelet Collage
You can visit any of the items by clicking on the pictures or you can just visit my shop here.

No I am not crazy, but yes I do have a thing for Bed jackets and I do have too many clothes. It's not easy saying goodbye to them but at least I know they will be going to good homes.

So much so that I have created a special coupon for 'A Harem Of Peacocks' readers. 

If you enter 'Sweetheart' at the Checkout you will get 15% off any item in the shop running up until Valentines day.

I am also busy working on lot's of Valentines themed homewares to list up this week, so keep checking back. 

Sunday love to you.
Kelly-Marie xx


  1. ruh-roh! This looks beautiful and awfully tempting! I love your garland! xx

  2. These pieces are stunning! My favourite is the first dress! It'd make such a cute prom dress! I love the polka dot netting. I love that you've added clothes to your shop, very excited to see what's coming! I hope you're doing well Kelly-Marie!

    Emma x

  3. That Powder pink capelet is divine!
    and the wreath of flowers is a lovely touch.

    Brogan x


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