Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Valentines Shop Update

Wax Flower crown8
Rose Bowl2
Little Poodle7
Shop collage2
Shop collage
Dessert Dishes3 Teapot1
 Some recent Pretties from the shop. I promise you that all the Pink and Frothy is in honour of Valentines day and it won't always be that way.

Remember that leading up to the 14th February any 'A Harem Of Peacock' readers can get 15% off any item. Just enter the 'Sweetheart' coupon at the checkout. Hurry as a few of these beauties have already gone to nice new homes.

Visit the 'A Harem Of Peacocks' shop here


  1. What a lovely start! I've just made a new blog and when I looked at my feeds there was an update on yours! I must say I'm really tempted to get the lampshades, they're beautiful! xxx

    1. Thank you darling! I know I was so excited when I saw you are back!! YAY, welcome back! I have added you straight to my Blog list lovely lady. It is only one Lampshade (just realised that the picture is a bit misleading and should probably change it!) It is so lovely though and I have to say i'm finding it very hard to say goodbye to it. xxx

  2. There's nothing like a good bit of lustreware! and the pillow, fascinating, isn't it?

  3. Aww beautiful things sweetpea! That collar looks so pretty! :) xxx

  4. So many wonderful treasures. I adore your shop Miss Kelly x x

  5. The collar and crown are gorgeous, you have such perfect eye for beauty my dear xxx

  6. I love anything vintage pink glass and that plate/bowl (?:D) has such a pretty shape :) and that collar is so beautiful too!

  7. Beautiful pieces each and every one of them.

  8. Aw man, so much temptation, that collar and the headpiece and the pink depression glass! AHHHH!

  9. Lovely, lovely things. Gorgeous way that you have put them together. Lizzie

  10. So many wonderful things! I've adored the wax flower crown since long. The blossom hat is a poem (Do you say that in English too?) And the pink teapot is a real treasure. I'd like to have my tea from this teapot everyday.

  11. The teapot is perfect! How delightful for a little afternoon tea party with friends...

    p.s Thanks for allowing the name/url comments again, it's nice to be able to add a little note to your comment section! :)


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