Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Animals Around Us

Animals Around Us

Edith Holden was the 1980's Edwardian sweetheart. Most people know of her for the 'Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady' fame (and let's face it who hasn't spotted a copy in their local charity shop at some point), but for most people they know no more of her than those beautiful illustrations.

It wasn't until I found this copy of 'Animals Around Us' that I decided to learn about her life properly, and so started my love affair with this special lady.

As you can see from this book she was an avid nature and animal lover and she used her incredible talent to support early animal welfare charities.

Her sister married a vegetarian (very rare for the time) and Edith's family were spiritualists who held local seances. Her Mother could automatic write and was said to carry on communicating through Edith's sister long after she had died.

For so many reasons she is my kind of lady and now I feel so lucky to own such a treasure in this  original 1921 copy of Edith's work.

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Animals around us 6 Animals around us 7 Animals around us3 
Animals around us4 Animals around us5 Animals around us8 Animals around us9 Animals around us10 Animals around us 11 Animals around us 16
I have only scanned in a selection of her illustrations and in the book they are all accompanied by beautiful and informative poems about each animal. I know how my kids are going to be doing their learning (no matter how much they would rather have a kindle)!
Edwardian Lady

I have a copy of  'The Edwardian Lady' in my shop if anyone wants to learn more about Edith and her interesting life.
Please feel free to share any of the animal images and if you do please share considerately and link back to me. Thank you.

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  1. That is a stunning book and such fantastic illustrations. Thank you for sharing. x

  2. Aww, lovely illustrations and such a sweet book. I especially like the pages with the text and borders of animals, I think - particularly the seasonal appropriate bat for Halloween.

  3. Perfect post!! Oh how I wish to one day own Animals Around Us!

    Have you heard of Harriet and Helena Scott? They're Australia's sweetest natural history illustrators from the 19th century and I think you'd love them!


    1. OOhh no, i'm off to look them up now. Thank you darling. If I ever find another copy of 'Animals Around Us' then it's yours. xx

  4. What a beautiful book. Lucky you!
    M x

  5. Lovely illustrations all of them. I'd not heard of Edith Holden before, she was very talented.
    Btw I've nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award, as you'll see from my latest post 'Another Rummage In The Wardrobe'

  6. gorgeous!! I´m in love with this blog:)


  7. What a fantastic book find. The illustrations are really lovely. Thank you for sharing.


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