Sunday, 29 September 2013

Woods Wail Like Echoes From The Sea

'I say: Alas ! our fruit hath wooed the sun
Too long; 'tis fallen and floats adown the stream.
Lo, the last clusters! Pluck them every one, 
And let us sup with summer; ere the gleam
Of autumn set the year's pent sorrow free,
And the woods wail like echoes from the sea.'
D.G Rossetti.
Edwardian Lady Autumn4 
Autumn5 Autumn Autumn7
The above items in the shop were all inspired by Mrs William Rawnsley and the Autumn months from her book 'The New Forest'.  It was one of the first things I found when we first moved back from London.
The Rawnsley's are an important part of the history of the forest and being the book geek that I am, I saw finding this book a sure sign that we were home now.

Mrs Rawnsley beautifuly curated book is a month by month account of the seasons changing, combining her writing and illustrations with wonderful Edwardian poetry like the Rossetti example above.

 I have read every month since we moved back and it is fast approaching us being here a year now.
I am so happy and excited to see the Autumn months in this magical place and to see if much has really changed since 1904.

So yes the shop has taken an Autumnal tumble (sorry to all of you in the Southern Hemisphere), but something I know you can all appreciate is the big 'H' word! Keep your eyes peeled for more Halloween themed items arriving this week and click on any of the photo's in this post to visit the shop.

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  1. OH MY GOODNESS! Such beautiful pictures sweetpea and my heart just tripped a beat! We have the mr.beetroot! Oh iv'e sent you a message! ;) I am so happy about your vegan changes! I am actually trying to put together a post about my daily foods and a guest post on Mark's blog about a typical day of my nutrition! Mark is LOVING his first year at Uni studying nutrition and we are happy to have our brains picked if you need any advice! I can also send you links to very useful books or videos that can clear up some bad information that is out there! So any time, shoot me a line! ;) Better dash! Love Zoë xxx

  2. Autumn is such a lovely season!
    I am looking forward to your inspiring Halloween posts.

  3. I adore that quote and the autumnal beauty of these images. p.s. just seen from your instagram that you recently stayed at the Shepherd's hut at the Old Forge - one of my all time fave glamping places! Posted our pics from our stay there at my post 'Shepherd's Hut Love' to celebrate my first bloggerversary. Great minds clearly think alike :)

  4. Oh!your photos are truly lovely! Any upcoming fashion posts?Yours are so fabulously ethereal and dreamy. No pressure. (Ha!)I did actually use the photograph of you on the merry go round as a screen saver for quite a bit.I love all things carnival and that photograph,your whole ensemble was so rad.The colors,the location,really just a beautiful.Ah, but you are so pretty as well!I just love how you put things together.I adore dressing up myself and seeing what other stylish women come up with. You are right up there at the top of my list of faves. Rock on Sugar!XO


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