Sunday, 16 September 2012

HMS Voyager

Recently I said goodbye one of my most special people, to the magical adventures awaiting her overseas. Do you remember me telling you about Hannah? Aside from her being one of my dearest friend she is also one of the most inspiring people I know and this post is dedicated to her and her blog...

When Hannah has a dream she makes it happen, she doesn't just talk about it she does it. She has just finished hiking in the Himalaya's and is now about to travel across India which has pretty much become her second home.
 Her blog, over time has also become a very beautiful love story. Last year she left us for the first time on a three month adventure across Asia, she came back with the love of her life, her B.H Wolf.
They are now travelling together and her story has become their story.

In July Hannah returned to us for a fleeting visit and an Indian themed BBQ held in her honor by the lovely Natalie.

A harem of babes... Clock wise from top left: Coralie, me, Natalie, Hannah, Louise, Hannah Knight, Madeleine and Hannah Gray.
Here I join the lovely Madeleine, Louise and Natalie. 

Hannah is doing something I'm sure we have all dreamt of (Craig and I dream of it daily) and she makes it look so easy. Reading her blog makes me more than ever want to actually start doing it, living the life you dream of, making it happen.

It's probably best to read about it in her own words here but Hannah's blog is the best place for those of you who have thought about travelling and want to know how to start planning, want some inspiration, some honest advice, tips and a place to get wisked away for five minutes. Not to mention that you will get to know a very special lady. 

Love you HMS xxx


  1. Thank you for telling me about this courageous lady. She makes her dreams come true and that's inspiring. How boring and uniform is my life instead! Maybe I have to change that. Hugs from Miss Maple

  2. You'll probably want to read all about Sir John Betjeman's wife who preferred to spend her life with horses in India rather than with him. There's an hilarious section in the documentary Time with Betjeman which shows her floating across a river on an air-filled buffalo hide. She spent all her life in the Himalayas and her granddaughter has written a delightful book about it called Grandmother's Footsteps: Journey in Search of Penelope Betjeman.

    1. Oh gosh yes I think I definitely want to read about her! Ha i think I would prefer to spend my days doing that too, horses and India.. who wouldn't. :-)
      I'll have to look up that book, thanks once again Rehan, fountain of knowledge that you are. xx

  3. What a lovely post!Hannah is a lucky girl to have you as a friend and it seems you are lucky to have her too. I wish I was the sort of person to act on my dreams the way Hannah has, it takes a very brave person to do that. I look forward to reading about Hannah's travels on her blog! Thanks for sharing with us!

    Emma x

  4. A million thank yous Miss Kelly Marie for the beautiful post in my honor. You are a wonderful friend and such a support. You inspire me in so many ways. Thank you for the big shout out. Much love from Nepal x x x

    Thanks Miss Maple, hope you get a chance to have a look at my blog.


  5. What a beautiful post to a fab gal :D

  6. What a beautiful dedication to your lovely friend. Off to check out her blog now. M x

  7. Beautiful photos and beautiful people! It's lovely to be able to have a glimpse into special people's lives like this :)

  8. Two of my (/our) bffs (one is Anna) have left recently, I know the sad feeling A x

  9. You all look so beautiful! I wish there were parties like this here!
    I've just got some new Biba bits, we have to get a night to try it all! xxx

  10. So inspiring.... I love people who make their own way in the world and do what THEY want to do. :)
    The Lovelorn

  11. Such a great post! I envy her, she definitely looks everything so easy. (And what a romantic story that is!) I'll definitely be following her adventures, maybe it'll be some inspiration and I can move my butt to follow some dreams.

  12. What an inspiring traveller and she pops home to tell her friends about her adventures:)). What a fab way to celebrate your getting together: flowers, bhindis, head jewellery and lots of beautiful smiles. I'm living vicariously through Hannah now:) xoxo

  13. What a beautiful celebration of an inspirational young woman. I'm going to head over to her blog right now to dream and be invigorated by her adventures.

  14. Whether one is a world travel or an arm chair traveler, I think the desire to explore runs thorough most of our souls - and thoroughly enjoy reading stories about those who are able to trek the globe and live their dreams. Wanderlust, after all, no doubt helped early man to venture out of Africa and eventually settle all around the world, so it makes perfect sense to me that so many of yearn - whether for a week or all of our days - to venture to unknown destinations near and far.

    ♥ Jessica

  15. i love these lovely pictures there all amazing:)


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