Monday, 9 September 2013

Drying Herbs

Parker Fitzgerald for Kinfolk
Kinfolk Magazine - S. Velten02360011_v1_web   02300011_v1_blog

Seeing these photographs last year on Hannah's wonderful blog, started my love affair with Kinfolk (a little late to the party)! Now that Autumn is most definitely creeping it's way in to our lives (and my heart is singing about it) this editorial has been on my mind. You know what else has been on my mind? You lot!

Thank you all so much for your lovely, lovely comments on my last post. At the moment I seem to be in a constant battle with my soul about time spent on the internet... Well, really i'm just trying to spend a lot less time on it!

Pretty tricky when my shop and a lot of my work is based online! Really it all just comes down to prioritising and not living my life through the computer (and my phone)!

What I HAVE missed is reading all the wonderful and inspiring blogs of yours... That's why I started this little part of the internet in the first place, and I really have been missing having time to spend on it. I guess it all just comes down to balance.

 What do you all think? How do you manage your time spent online?


The Kinfolk shoot is a wonderful collaboration between Parker Fitzgerald and Amy Merrick. Two people who I am constantly in awe of and inspired by, and yes I wouldn't have found them if it hadn't been for the internet (so okay, let's all hail the internet)!

If you would like to see what I have been up to, then have a little peek into my shop by clicking the above picture, so many new items and plently more where that came from.

The featured items are inspired by that 'back to school' September feeling and my beautiful friend Ava for reminding me of it.

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  1. i completely understand about working on the internet and needing a break from it! I used to wake up, pour a cup of coffee, then jump right online and spend most of the rest of the day there, which was making me feel sad. So to combat that sinking feeling of my soul slowly being sucked into my computer screen, the first thing I do in the morning is write in my journal for at least 30 minutes, and it definitely sets a productive tone for the rest of the day. Thanks for the post and best of luck in finding that balance! :)

    1. That is a great idea! I really wanted to start keeping a journal again. It might help with the overthinking that the internet causes for me.
      I would just like to say that I am glad you spend lot's of time on your comupter as your etsy shop is by far one of my favourites! So so beautiful! I'm saving my pennies as I have my eye on lots of your bits.

      Thank you for your lovely comment x

  2. How do I manage my time online? Very, very poorly!

    As if it's not bad enough that I read Live Journal and Facebook, as well as following numerous blogs, now I've picked up a serious Pinterest habit. Every time an email comes in saying "X just pinned Y" I feel I have to go look at their boards. Really, I need to turn off the notifications, because while I'm getting all kinds of inspiration, it's keeping me from actually doing something about it.

    Like you, a lot of my work is done on the computer. I write and do a lot of my research online. It's so easy to think "I'll just take a little break and check Facebook while I think about how to phrase that next paragraph".

    I'd get a lot more done if my router had a timer on it, and it only let me online at certain times!

    1. Ha! That is a very good idea, someone should totally do that! I know exactly what you mean about pinterest! It's so inspiring and wonderful but for me (like you said)it defintely hinders my creativity,I spend far too much time looking at everyone elses and not creating anything myself.

      Thank you for your comment Laurie, good luck with keeping Facebook & pinterest on lock down. ;-)

  3. I love and get frustrated with the internet, probably equally, well, maybe love it a bit more. Am slightly addicted to all the social media, specially fb, but with my 2 children around each day, they rarely let me sit looking at the computer for very long, and still tell my husband 'Mummy loves playing on the computer Daddy!'
    Sometimes I feel like I should revert to hand written letters and parcels when it comes to business side of things, as emails seem to get lost and forgotten!
    Still, it has opened up the whole world, and I can get my art out there so easily. Sending cards out to Australia, America and else where, all thanks to the internet, it's lovely to think my drawings are up in people's houses around the world, and that's all thanks to computers.

    1. Lovely to see you earlier! Ha...So funny that they say that to Daddy! Busted! ;-)

      You are so right the beautiful thing about it is how it has made the world so much smaller for us all. Especially for small buisness owners.

      I have come to the conclusion that it is all positive providing I am aware of the times I use it for endless procrasination, which in turn always ends up with me feeling very negative about it all. I'm just going to be very strict with myself from now on. xx

  4. Aww sweetpea! I have missed your last bunch of posts for precisely that reason! I have been spending much less time on the internet! On my computer and phone! I just had to, work and life and trying to re-balance things so I can get the most out of life! But exactly what you said rings true, I miss the posts! Like yours, especially and a few others! I have just had a wee gander though, this kinfolk shoot is truly beautiful and I adore the pictures of you and Craig in your last post! I hope you are well, and you manage to come to terms with some kind of balance! Here's to working on it! ;) Lots of love Zoë xxxx

  5. Thank you so much for the mention K-M! I totally agree- it's so hard to balance! I think you do it so well though, your life always seems jam-packed full of goodness. Somethings like Facebook I know are a drain- but when you are creating amazing blog posts here and running your gorgeous Etsy shop, those are things that are so much easier with the internet! I think of it sometimes like a force you have to use for good. It's easy to fall into negative habits with it- but if you are making connections with people and sharing all your adventures, I think that only brings positive forces into your life. Xxx

  6. Ahhh I remember these beautiful images, so swoon-worthy!
    I also feel your pain love, I seem to go through waves of blogging and working consistently and then a drought hits...but it usually hits when I am out there living my life in the real world! I do feel caught between the two, and with an attention span of a 6 year old it can get a bit too much. Too much to look at all the time, but then when I do come back to it there is always so much beauty to catch up on, and I find that fun! It's like being away on holiday then coming home to a marathon viewing of your favourite tv show.
    Don't feel bad, distance makes the heart grow fonder xx

  7. Life balance .... hmm, great idea but so difficult to achieve! I usually blog no more than once a week and read other blogs 2-3 times a week in my lunch hour. I've given up on time wasting FB and Pinterest and have gone back to doing more old fashioned reading ... and I'm loving it! However, I am addicted to playing Scrabble online for half an hour most nights!! M x

  8. It's a tricky balance, particularly when work is busy, but then I do find it unwinds me to read blogs when the day's toil is done. It'll be easier for me to find time for blogging as the weather cools - over this summer time chilling in the garden won out over commenting on other's blogs each and every time!

  9. What a gorgeous photo set. I have seen some of Amy's work through Design Sponge.

    My full time job involves sitting in front of a computer all day but of course the first thing I do when I get home is get on my computer and check out all my personal stuff, read blogs, get on facebook, etc. and sometimes my eyeballs just want to scream! Earlier this year I actually did have eye problems (I had Computer Vision actually exists!). Now I take frequent breaks at work to walk around...and when I get home I usually exercise for a while or go outside, run errands, etc. before getting on line later in the evening.

  10. Such beautiful photos, I know what you meant I find myself on instagram at 11:30pm with stinging eyes! Hope you're having a lovely week xxx

  11. Amazing photos! What gorgeous creative shots...

    I tend to work long hours and I go to Law School in the evenings, so it's nice to unwind after a long day at home by looking at beautiful photos and inspiring blogs online. It's great when you don't feel like going out in the evening but you still want to interact with people on some level! I find Instagram takes up too much of my time, it's so easy to spend ages looking at photos on the tube, before going to bed etc instead of reading or doing something productive!

    Have a lovely week-end :)

  12. These photos are truly ravishing! I liked this post :) I spent time on tumblr, blogspot, facebook... sometimes it can get depressing! x


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